česká vlajka/Czech flag

About me

I graduated in psychology at the Palacky University in Olomouc. Soon though, I swapped psychological practice for (in my eyes) the somewhat more adventurous life on road. Since childhood, I have had the desire to explore faraway places, exotic cultures, and I have always felt a deep love for wildlife.

Following my dreams

My childhood dreams came true – and I consider myself incredibly lucky for that – when I could accompany a traveller and photographer, Jiri Novak, to remote places that I had not even believed still existed in our globalized world: to the original tribes of New Guinea, to many fascinating peoples of Africa, or to the beautiful – in parts still pristine – rainforests of Southeast Asia, South America and the Congo.

Home can be anywhere

In between travelling I have made Britain my second home, spending almost six years there. Though I'm a big fan of everything British, eventually I started to miss Czech woodlands, and so I have recently moved back to the Beskydy Mountains in the Czech Republic. Instead of photographing tigers and lions, I now learn – with the same enthusiasm – about lynx, wolfs and bears (large carnivores monitoring)

We all share one planet

I have hung up travelling for now, but I'm still very interested in indigenous peoples' problems as our greedy “modern” civilization keeps threathening their self-determination, or even their very existence. Naturally, I also follow with deep interest environmental topics, from climate change and global biodiversity loss, to local recycling issues.

Languages are fun

I've always loved books and reading and I enjoy very much working with language and text, so it seems natural that I should try to use my language skills in translating. Among other things, I translate (and sometimes write) articles for the website carnivores.cz dedicated to the large carnivores conservation in the Czech Republic.